Finest fabrics


Arvind has a strong focus on Research and Development for process improvement, cost reduction and new product development. This is evident in the fact that Arvind continuously modifies its production process to enhance flexibility on the use of various types and quality of cotton. To further meet customer needs, Arvind has also introduced a new dyeing and processing method for denims.

State-of-the-art technology and equipment have made Arvind one of the leading producers of denim in the world, paving the way for the Company to emerge as a global textile conglomerate. This cutting edge position comes to Arvind courtesy technologies such as Open-end Spinning, Foam Finishing, Mercerizing, Slasher-dyeing, Rope-dyeing, Air-Jet, Projectile and Wet Finishing. It’s only natural that Arvind quality fabrics are in high demand in the markets of Europe, US, West Asia, the Far East and Asia Pacific.


The solution of Arvind consists of:

  1. A tactical planer (based on the Quintiq company planner) that is able to provide Arvind near instantly with a estimation of a delivery date for potential orders. As the number of machines, and routes to the plant is high, the number of possible ways to produce an order is also enormous. The tactical planner also runs overnight an extensive optimizer to see whether there is any space for further optimization
  2. A set of schedulers that are scheduling the individual work centers. These schedulers are receiving their input from the tactical planner, and sending back any deviations.


Arvind will be able to decide more accurately a delivery date upfront, and will be able to provide the marketing department with alternatives. Arvind expects also to increase the throughput of the total production plant, and an increase of OTIF.