“After a thorough analysis of possible software packages, we decided on a Quintiq planning solution. Important reasons were the ability to customize the software and Quintiq expertise in the transport sector. In addition, various well-known colleague companies have successfully implemented the Quintiq software. These positive references were also an important reason for us to select Quintiq.”

Ger Welbers
CFO Emons Group


The Emons Group is a niche player in the European transport market, focusing on innovative and sustainable transport solutions that aim to cut overall logistics costs. This requires extremely flexible planning software that can easily be customized to the company’s wishes and requirements.

As a result of its growth, Emons needed a new software environment for its planning activities. Quintiq software was deployed across all transport divisions and active operations in European countries. The software has also been integrated into all the company’s other subsystems, which are used to control various business divisions across Europe.

Native intelligence sets the Quintiq software apart from other planning solutions. During implementation, all relevant data is entered into the system, varying from employees with their specific know-how and skills to available equipment, legislation, and employee preferences. Based on this data, planners can create their plans. The consequences of possible disruptions are immediately calculated, after which the planner can act.

In this way, Quintiq contributes to improved efficiency and better use of people and resources.

Emons Group: niche player in the European transport market

Emons Group is a solid, privately owned group of companies. The company focuses on innovative and sustainable transport solutions with the aim to reduce the total logistics costs.


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