A leading cargo-ship operator


Flinter is one of the leading cargo-ship operators in the Netherlands. With 50 vessels and 200 employees, Flinter is active worldwide, with fixed routes to Europe, North and South America, and Africa. Flinter also provides maritime services to captain-owners and to private shipping companies, such as the supervision of new building projects, nautical and technical management, crewing, financing, and brokering purchases and sales. Furthermore, Flinter is also a broker between supply (industries) and demand (shipping companies). For this, they rely on the Flinter fleet or, if better suited to meet demand, other ships in their extensive network.

  1. The Quintiq solution offers Flinter full transparency across its planning. Planners at the crew department have more control, which results in a more detailed tuning of the planning. Practical benefits of the new system include improved work and off-duty cycles, which prevent employees from building up a large number of days off. The system helps planners match crew, regulations, freight specifications and ship requirements. Flinter is also able to create a long term plan, based on the working periods of its crew, which results in less staff turnover.
  2. There is a huge information flow around the shipping process which is constantly needed. This information flow is essential and has to be properly in place in order to run a successful shipping business. The Logic Factory (TLF) Fleet Management System (FMS) is supporting a lot of functions for these shipping companies. The TLF FMS is supporting the processes ranging from crew-, voyage- and ship management, ISPS, ISM, maintenance, accounting and so on.

We are very enthusiastic about this strategic project. Our cooperation with Quintiq implementation partner The Logic Factory went exceptionally well. The collaboration resulted in a quick acceptance of the system, which takes into account all our unique and special demands.

Bart OttoManaging Director