“One of the deciding factors that led us to choose DELMIA Quintiq was the fact that DELMIA Quintiq’s technology is well able to handle our multi-warehousing situation. Also, it’s the flexibility of the software that enables us to develop a solution that meets all our specific requirements.”

Berno Bossenbroek
Managing Director, Nedcargo


At Nedcargo, three specialized divisions work closely together, committed to creating the most durable and cost-efficient supply chain for customers in the food, beverage, and retail markets:

  • Nedcargo Logistics- warehousing and distribution by road in the Benelux for food and non-food products, wines and beverages
  • Nedcargo Forwarding- import and export for food, beverage and retail products, including all related activities like customs activities and temporary storage
  • Nedcargo Multimodal- various options for container transport in the Benelux countries, using inland shipping and road transport

DELMIA Quintiq and Nedcargo worked together to develop a real-time multi-user planning system based on the DELMIA Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization platform. This system calculates the effectiveness and consequences of each planning action, and then gives each planner a complete overview of all relevant processes. Everyone involved in the planning process is informed of those consequences in real time. The costs, advantages, distances, and load distribution per planning modification are visible to each planner. A central planning system optimizes and adjusts the handling of cargo.

The system empowers Nedcargo to achieve its primary objective of using its Dutch warehouses as efficiently as possible.


Nedcargo provides sustainable solutions in a changing logistical world. Nedcargo is a specialized logistics service provider for food products in the Benelux countries, shipping 30,000 products for 30 million consumers every day.


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