P&O Ferrymasters

A leading pan-European LSP


P&O Ferrymasters, wholly owned by Dubai World, is a leading pan-European logistics service provider (LSP) with presence in 13 countries. With a fleet of over 2,500 pallet-wide containers and 2,000 multi-purpose road trailers, P&O Ferrymasters services the complex supply chains of large corporations.

  1. In P&O Ferrymasters’ intermodal division, Quintiq supports planners in overcoming the complexity of intermodal transport of trucks, trains and ferries throughout Europe to determine the most cost-effective route.
  2. For the Fleet Assets division, Quintiq is optimizing the utilization of P&O Ferymasters’ numerous road trailers and coil carriers to cut costs and improve efficiency.
  3. Quintiq aids planners in combining trips, determining the cost-effectiveness of contracts with sub-contractors, and in expanding the breadth of its service offerings.


The solution has introduced centralized planning, where a single view of operations is helping P&O Ferrymasters to identify opportunities to achieve return loads between countries. This initiative alone has fully recovered the investment within the first 6 months of its implementation.

Additionally, the company is able to extend the concept to ‘triangulate’ the movement of freight across more than two countries, taking into account the compatibility of loads and routes with different haulers and different trailers or units.

The combined capabilities of P&O Ferrymasters’ TMS system and Quintiqs’ Advanced Planning & Scheduling capability gives P&O Ferrymasters a very tight grip on the business to enhance their competitiveness and operational agility. 

This has been a model IT project. Quick to implement, the Quintiq system provides real planning transparency and, most importantly, quick returns. Having seen the operational, the business and the financial benefits of phase one makes it so much easier for us to extend the system right across the enterprise into our Asset Division.

Bas BelderManaging Director, P&O Ferrymasters