SOL Group

A breath of life


The SOL Group is constantly engaged in improving the quality of life on the planet with its products and services.

  • A direct presence in 23 European countries, India, Morocco, Turkey and Brazil
  • 39 primary transformation plants and 54 secondary transformation plants
  • more than 50,000 industrial and civil clients and 300,000 patients cared for every day
  • more than 3,000 employees and a consolidated 2015 turnover of 674,2 million Euro


SOL Group, which produces medical and industrial gasses, uses the Quintiq solution for both tactical (Quintiq Demand Planner) and operational planning (Quintiq Logistics Planner). The company chose the Quintiq Planners because the solution is able to combine requirements from production, inventory and logistics in one integrated planning platform.

SOL Groups tactical planning capabilities are supported by the Quintiq solution, allowing the optimal allocation of customer orders to the distribution centers (what is to be produced and where?). In the same real-time environment, the operational planning is integrated, supporting the local planners in the generation of optimal trips and deliveries (what truck/driver/container needs to load what product where and executed what trip to one or many customers?).