“Previously, employees were pigeon-holed into one task – now they are required to rotate positions based on where they are assigned in the optimal schedule. Now, employees have built up skills, and managers can easily find employees to cover all positions. There is also better management of hours across the board, so less overtime is needed. Overall, the use of DELMIA Quintiq has allowed greater adherence to FedEx best practices and labor laws.”


FedEx had the need to create daily plans for their sorting facilities across the U.S., down to the exact tasks assigned to each employee. The goal was to assign the tasks to employees in a way that shifts were scheduled efficiently, minimizing downtime, and creating shifts that adhered to labor laws for all 800+ depots. Utilizing DELMIA Quintiq, The Logic Factory was able to create a workforce planning solution that takes the availability of the employees and creates shifts and task assignments based on the forecasted volume for each station. TLF further optimized task assignments based on lowest cost, adherence to regulations constraints, and quality shifts.


FedEx Corporation is an American multinational delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is a syllabic abbreviation of the name of the company’s original air division, Federal Express (now FedEx Express), which was used from 1973 until 2000. The company is known for its overnight shipping service and pioneering a system that could track packages and provide real-time updates on package location, a feature that has now been implemented by most other carrier services.


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