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Faces of TLF – Reena George

Meet Reena, a Technical Application Engineer from our Indian office!

Introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do within TLF?

Hi, I am Reena George, born and brought up in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh-located at the center of India. I am apart of the TLF System and Application Management(SAM) team as a Technical Application Engineer(TAE) and am about to complete 2 years of working at The Logic Factory. I also am member of the TLF India Socio-Cultural Committee. Getting involved in day-to-day tasks along with planning fun events for the team makes it an exciting journey that I look forward to everyday.

What do you like about your particular role?

The daily tasks that I am assigned involve learning and brainstorming the technique to not only solve puzzles but to also understand the logic being used behind them, as well as helping to solve both office related and personal life related issues. I also really enjoy what I call the confidence booster approach- when a team member asks for my help, it means they trust that I will be able to answer the query and in doing so I get (and want) to explore and learn as much as possible to help.

What’s your favorite part about working for TLF overall, please explain.

A few things: the challenges and the opportunities I’m given, our team that supports my growth throughout and provides expert knowledge, my compassionate colleagues that give respect, the transparency from the management team, everyday fun interactions with the team(s), planning company events, volunteering to decorate office during festivals (pre-covid,) and most importantly – the learning never stops, there is something new to learn every single day.

Who are you outside of TLF? Family/ friends, etc. How would they describe you?

Outside of TLF, I am the youngest member of my family and most of the time the craziest one. I like to annoy my older sister and parents to keep them engaged. 😊 People often tend to tell me their secrets, and I find if someone needs help to cheer up the mood or start a random, non-serious, conversation then they reach out to me. I am not great at giving advice, but I can always interest you in a sarcastic comment.

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?

Many colleagues might smile at the answer to this question as first part of it is obvious, but I love to read, share memes, and laugh out loud like no one’s watching. The kid inside me is still alive and that keeps me interested in watching TV, anime, cartoons, movies, web series etc. It’s also a rare chance of me saying no to food that is offered; I can eat even when my stomach is full.

Other than that, I like playing both indoor and outdoor games like ludo, chess, badminton, basketball, and I go for daily walks. Since I am at my hometown now (all thanks to lockdown) I meet with my school friends almost every month and we go to our school in the evenings to revive our childhood memories.

Any fun hidden talent or skillsets?

The talent inside me is so hidden that sometimes even I cannot see them! Funny thing is I can bend my left-hand index finger and thumb outwards, touching the back side of my hand. I like making videos with cool effects and transitions… if you want to make a birthday or any special event videos, I am your person! I can also sketch at the beginner level.

A message to all?

Stay true to yourself and do more of what you like. Stay happy and blessed!!

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