Join our CSO, Eric Lambregts, on June 17th as he discusses ‘Last mile Operations’ with DELMIA


What is the “Make It Happen for Last Mile Operations” session about?

Make it Happen for Last Mile Operations is part of the DELMIA Operations Series, a series of online meetings with industry-specific insights and guidelines to prepare for the “next normal”. In this online event, our speakers Jason GARDINER, Global Strategic Development Executive for Planning & Optimization at DELMIA, and Dr. Tobias SCHULZ, Senior Business Consultant at DELMIA, will focus on the challenges around last mile delivery, the vital final leg in the process of getting products to customers, and the most complex and expensive link in the supply chain and arguably the least sustainable.

Furthermore, the session includes a presentation by Eric LAMBREGTS, Chief Solution Officer and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at The Logic Factory, where he will discuss the latest industry trends and market dynamics as well as the way that leading companies in post and parcel are reacting.

We will also highlight how Dassault Systèmes can provide you with innovative and efficient solutions on:

  • The key elements required for efficient and sustainable last-mile deliveries
  • How to address major challenges in capacity and capability with advanced planning tools
  • How disruptions can be minimized through effective route and resource planning and the importance of seamless communication in last-mile logistics, regardless of whether you are using an internal or external delivery fleet

This live session will last 60 minutes including Q&A. Take this opportunity to connect with our industry experts and speakers to get your questions answered.

What is the DELMIA Operations Series?

The DELMIA Operations Series is a series of monthly online meetings taking place every third Thursday of the month. Attendees can look forward to a variety of exclusive and insightful industry-specific online sessions, ranging from High Tech and Industrial Equipment to Retail and Transportation & Mobility. Each session introduces compelling expert insights on the challenges that companies are facing in their specific market, industry-relevant trends, and innovation topics that will help organizations build resilience into their operations today and prepare for the “next normal”.

Eric Lambregts - Chief Solution Officer

About Eric Lambregts

Eric holds a master’s degree in Econometrics from Tilburg University. He specializes in designing solutions for logistic operations and complex planning problems. After co-founding and leading TLF as CEO for many years, Eric chose to continue to be an integral, hands-on leader in all TLF solutions. He is globally recognized as a top DELMIA Quintiq consultant in key Quintiq project roles.

In recent years Eric contributed to the Last Mile operations of companies like TNT, FedEx, DHL, and PostNL; booking spectacular results in terms of value and cost-reduction through optimization.