Job description

The ideal person for this job is someone with superior technical and analytical skills who is confident in facing customers in a consultancy role. You are expected to have a broad understanding of the diverse range of business software and hardware used by our customers. The challenge and excitement of solving it, is what drives us at The Logic Factory. You will work with international clients and off-shore development teams and your job is to understand the vision of the client, articulate that vision in business and development language, then guide the clients through successful implementations of DELMIA Quintiq optimization solutions.

Half of your time will be spent with customers to get their requirements and steer those requirements towards their desired solution. The other half, you will be working with the project team that includes the business consultant and application consultant, with whom you will be building the application and coming up with the overall solution.

You will be involved at every stage of the implementation, from determining the compatibility of DELMIA Quintiq with the customers’ existing solutions during the pre-sales cycle, to troubleshooting following go-live. You will be assigned to a project team. You will report directly to the team manager.


  • Consult customers and partners on integration solutions
  • Work as a technical representative from The Logic Factory to recommend to customers the implementation and deployment architecture of DELMIA Quintiq solutions, including proposals of hardware specifications
  • Participate in every stage of the DELMIA Quintiq implementation
    Collaborate with R&D to diagnose, troubleshoot and document technical issues such as integration and performance matters
  • Collaborate with customers to manage DELMIA Quintiq environments
  • Develop best practices and procedures to streamline software deployments
  • Make recommendations for optimizing DELMIA Quintiq software performance

job requirements

  • Bachelors degree in Information Technology, MIS, Computer Science, or related fields
  • Broad IT background in the enterprise arena a ‘jack of all trades’
  • Experience with Windows operating systems and related technologies such as Active Directory
  • Basic to intermediate troubleshooting skills with network connectivity, and in Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2008/2012
  • Working knowledge of either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle RDBMS, especially basic configuration of connectivity and databases/schemas
  • Knowledge of some enterprise integration technologies such as JMS/MQ, SOAP, REST, SAP PI, ODBC, and standard data formats including XML, JSON
  • Software development background and/or interest in software development is a plus
  • Preferably familiar with the use and benefits of virtual machine environments such as VMWare or HyperV
  • Some background in load and performance testing is an advantage
  • Enthusiastic in learning new technologies
  • Able to multitask across different projects, while keeping the big picture in sight
  • Work well in a team, and enjoys collaborating with colleagues in solving complex planning puzzles
  • Communicate well with different stakeholders, from developers to business consultants, and managers to customers
  • Enjoy working in a dynamic environment with diverse projects, customers, and teams, bring energy and optimism to work every day


For more information please send an e-mail to For consideration, please upload your resume and a cover letter stating why you are applying for this position. For more information on DELMIA Quintiq please visit their website at

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