Transport companies shift to top gear with TMS in the cloud

Smart logistics companies of today use the cloud for their transport management system (TMS). This makes the administration and organisation of delivery runs more affordable, flexible and easy than ever. This internet application also provides them with the very latest technology.

Fortunately for you, TMS as a cloud service is still in its infancy. The tried-and-tested technology is in place, but it has yet to be adopted throughout the market. Your organisation could therefore get a head start on the competition by making the move to the cloud now. That is what has happened in other sectors. Cloud computing is now commonplace, but it was the early adopters who benefited the most. They were the first to use the cloud for customer relationship management, personnel matters, text processing and sharing documents, which enabled them to make a difference.

The Logic Factory is one of the first to offer a comprehensive transport management system as a cloud service. The Logic Transport platform features the same functionality as the version that organisations install on their local computers. All you need is a PC, tablet or smartphone with internet access.

Cost and management
The difference between TMS in the cloud and a locally installed system is found mainly in the costs and management. Large investments in servers, server space and software have become a thing of the past. For this cloud service you pay a monthly subscription. The price is based on the number of users and the modules you use. In most cases it is possible to increase, reduce and cancel the service monthly. This substantially reduces you financial risk and increases flexibility.

And you no longer need to concern yourself with the technical side of the system. The cloud service provider takes care of the management. The Logic Factory provides maximum security, availability and backups. Upgrades and new functions are immediately available to clients. This makes it possible for you to make savings in your IT department, whilst taking advantage of the very latest technology.

The Logic Transport has valuable generic functionality, such as order management, invoicing, subcontractor management, planning, time registration and management information. The interfaces with frequently used external systems, such as those for planning, bookkeeping and personnel, are also provided as standard. The system can also be extended with customer-specific modules.

Of course, you won’t want to rush into changing to a new transport management system. It could be that your organisation is currently using an expensive solution that has not yet completely been written down. Software that you feel does what it’s supposed to do. But even then it’s worth considering the future. Will you stay ahead of the competition with that system? Does it feature all the functionality you need to continue making a difference in the future? What does the future hold?

The cloud is the future
The Logic Factory is convinced that the future lies in cloud computing. A future without high start-up costs and pressure on your IT department. TMS in the cloud offers maximum flexibility, state-of-the art technology and everything you need to stand out in the market.

So don’t wait too long to enjoy the benefits of The Logic Transport. Who wouldn’t want to be one of the early adopters?

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