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A Rugby Sponsorship

The global tether for an international company

Rugby, officially named Rugby Union, is a full contact team sport which originated in England in the beginning of the 19th century. Each game consists of two 40-minute halves, with a break in the middle where two teams battle it out to rack up the most points. Extreme endurance, teamwork, and most of all fun is the best way to describe the sport, and this is something we feel deep within our company’s DNA. A scrum in Rugby terms, is an action done to restart the game after a minor infringement. To do this, teammates physically link together in a pack and then link together with the competition. The ball is then tossed into the middle of this ‘scrum’ and the teams battle it out, interlocked, to gain control of the ball. Each team, working with their mates, must work as one unit to gain control of the play and get ahead of the competition.

As a small, yet international company, The Logic Factory’s Founders and Board strive to create an environment much like the way a team acts in a Scrum. An atmosphere of unity, togetherness, communication, but above all else, a great place to work. This can be hard for international companies, as offices not only span oceans but also cultures. Often times, offices can work in silos… focusing on their individual environmental and HR needs instead of creating a cohesive plan for the entire company. Creating an atmosphere of true ‘teamwork’ for a global community can be a tough challenge to face.

This cohesiveness has been at the forefront of The Logic Factory’s HR mission. Creating continuous ways to cross the continental and cultural divides to fully engage our employees, both on a business level but also a personal level. One of the ways that we like to encourage a proper work-life balance (a fundamental value for The Logic Factory) is to offer sponsorships to our employees, for personal activities that are near and dear to their and their family’s hearts. We find that highlighting this initiative internally has really garnered a sense of community, further strengthening the bonds between our teams.

The Logic Factory Rugby Sponsorship

Roel van den Broek, our Chief Commercial Officer, applied last year for a sponsorship that would go towards his sons’ rugby team. Every year, Nanne and Taeke and their team (as growing boys) have a continuous need for new jerseys, and we were more than thrilled to fill that need. The smiling faces in this picture just added to our elation and honestly, we think the colors work perfectly!

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