Working at The Logic Factory

We excel at what we do. For that, we need awesome colleagues.

At The Logic Factory, you won’t be just an employee – you’ll be you, with all your talent and potential and the opportunity to take it places. You’ll work with smart and driven colleagues who work on big challenges and a big vision. You’ll be in excellent working conditions with flexible hours and competitive compensation and benefits. You’ll be part of a dedicated, fun, and diverse global team – Meet some of us in Faces of TLF

We strive to ensure that you work in an environment that nurtures collaboration, personal growth, and empowerment while fostering friendship, cultivating creativity, and having fun. Our goal during the selection process is to make sure that you and TLF are a perfect match. Check out our current vacancies and if you don’t find one that fits, why not send us an open application.

Our values

We think TLF is a unique and special place to work which stems from the culture we cherish and the values we live every day:

We are one team

We operate as an international team. We work together, score together and win together. The team is more than the sum of the individuals. We are loyal to the team.

We are real and show respect

We embrace the diverse people we work with, independent of race, religion, gender, preference or orientation. Truth and honesty are key elements in how we want to do business.

We do what we say, we say what we do

We stay true to our commitments and keep our promises. We are personally accountable for the quality of our work and delivering on our commitments.

We care about our colleagues and customers

The well-being of our colleagues and customers is important to us. We are a people-oriented company and our people and customers matter to us. We care for a reason. We believe that taking care of our employees and customers pays off with loyalty and long-term relationships.

We like what we do and we do it well

TLF has the ambition to be the best in what we do. We employ people with specialized knowledge and experience to bring quality to our work. We believe that enjoying and having a fun job encourages a strong work environment.

It is up to you

TLF will support you in your pursuit of success. It is up to you to see these opportunities and turn them into something great! Every employee contributes to the company moving forward as a whole.

Meet the team

Grow, improve, and find your place with us, working with a diverse, international team dedicated to making lasting improvements – and having fun!