Define, Design, and Transform Your Planning

Overcome operational complexities and unlock lasting improvements with planning solutions that boost agility and visibility for business success.

Adding the logic to consulting and implementation

Whether you are looking to save costs, improve efficiency, or drive growth, we partner with you to ensure you have the right solution to provide the visibility and agility you need for a sustainable and successful business.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced planning consultants will support you in defining, designing, and most importantly, measuring the value of your planning and optimization. When you talk to us, we guide you through the process with our three-step approach:

Value Discovery

Identifying the value that planning and optimization can bring is the first step in our process. We know that implementing planning solutions requires effort, so we ensure that the technology, solution, and business implementation align with your objectives and deliver ROI. Our team will only begin implementation when we’re confident that we can unlock tangible value for your business.

First Time Right

Quality is at the core of everything we do. From consultancy to post-implementation support, we strive for excellence in every engagement. Our First Time Right approach ensures that our processes are accurate from the outset, avoiding costly revisions and ensuring a smooth implementation process that meets your specific needs.


At The Logic Factory, our goal is to drive lasting improvements for our clients. We believe that technical implementation is only one aspect; people and processes are equally crucial for successful change. Our aim is successful business transformation, continuous improvement, and reaching new heights. We work closely with you to achieve these objectives, ensuring that your business thrives in an ever-changing landscape.

Helping our customers achieve real value

“Find the right partner because that will help you maximize the solution you’re obtaining. In reality, buying and implementing software is never easy. Finding the right partner makes a hell of a difference.”

— Natalia Perez

Senior Director of Technology and Transformation, Herbalife Nutrition