Since its inception The Logic Factory has always been an official and dedicated Quintiq partner. Over the years we’ve established an intensive and valuable relationship with all Quintiq Business units, with which we work and collaborate worldwide. The working relationship between the founders of Quintiq and The Logic Factory goes way back, to a time in which they all were working at the same company, Bolesian. To ensure and continuously improve our valued relationship with Quintiq and its employees we choose to establish our office right across Quintiq’s headquarters in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.


Microsoft Partner

The Logic Factory has been certified as an official Microsoft .NET Silver Software Developer for many years now, continuously expanding our knowledge and know-how at our own development center in Ahmedabad, India.


PTV Group

The Logic Factory has established a long and reliable relationship with PTV. PTV xServer is integrated in our planning solutions and it allows us to integrate geographical and logistic functions into these planning solutions. Besides that we also offer PTV navigation software on our mobile devices and mobile services.