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A Customer Satisfaction Evaluation to be proud of.

The Logic Factory receives a CSE of 4.9/5 for recent project.

The Logic Factory (TLF) aspires to be the best DELMIA Quintiq implementation partner for its customers. During projects, we do regular check-ins with our customers to make sure we are on track; they grade us on two scales; a Customer Satisfaction Evaluation (CSE) which is graded from 0-5, and then the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is graded from 0-10.

Recently, we got a Customer Satisfaction Evaluation of 4.9/5 and a NPS of 9/10 for a 200-day project we completed in which we revived our customer’s Quintiq Scheduler application.

Natalia Perez, Director Technology and Transformation at Herbalife added the compliments:

“The quality of your work has demonstrated the usability of the system and we are pleased with the results.” and “The expert knowledge [of TLF] has made a significant difference in this project.”

Congratulations to our project team and all involved in making this such a successful implementation.

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