“The new system will enable us to book orders more efficiently and with the right rates. That leads to an efficiency improvement on our back-office operations. Also, we will be able to see essential indicators in real time instead having to wait for a week.’


Gerrit Hes
Managing Director Reining Transport



Reining is a provider of transport solutions, offering integrated logistics services based on specialized knowledge in transport, warehousing, and intermodal transport. The company has 450 employees, 350 trucks, and approximately 100,000 square meters of storage capacity.

Reining has developed special warehousing activities for several large accounts. To better serve its customers, the company improved its logistics services with the DELMIA Quintiq solution for operational transport planning. The reliable integrated planning system enabled Reining to keep its customers informed on loading and delivery times, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Reining Transport

Dutch firm Reining is an independent Integrated transport solutions company with its own truck fleet, motivated employees and carefully selected partners. The firm employs over 500 drivers and has an annual revenue of roughly 55 million euros. Thanks to a high a degree of standardization, the fleet is very efficient and can be used for an optimal connection of different transport flows. An advanced Transport Management System, linked to GPS onboard computers, keeps the company informed of vehicle locations at all times.


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