Together with DELMIA Quintiq and based on our industry experience we have created The Logic Factory DQ Last Mile Planner, an out-of-the-box cloud based solution for tactical and operational route optimization.

The powerful technology of DELMIA Quintiq combined with the industry expertise of The Logic Factory has led to a ready-to-install product range that serves tactical and operational route planning needs of postal, parcel and express service providers.

The Logic Factory recognizes the challenges of the last mile planning puzzles. The last mile puzzle is defined by items such as the stop density, the sub-contractor structure, address data quality, and the sorting automation of your network. These dictate which optimization approach is valid: tactical or operational and static, semi-static or dynamic.

With our successful implementations of last-mile optimization solutions, we have delivered long-lasting value to our postal, parcel and express customers on various continents.

We have proved that optimization technology adds value: efficiency and effectiveness can be raised by multiple percentage points. Please check our postal, parcel and express case studies for more details.

If you are interested in our last-mile solution, please contact us via