Eagerly Anticipated Research Paper Sheds Light on Effective Supply Chain Planning

An upcoming paper from a leading IT market research and advisory firm is being published to guide supply chain professionals through the growing complexities of effective supply chain planning.

The IDC Technology Spotlight Paper, sponsored by The Logic Factory (TLF), looks set to become an invaluable resource in the supply chain planning sphere. The report delves into the crucial importance – and myriad challenges – of effective planning in the contemporary business environment and highlights the need for well-balanced, integrated systems that encompass different elements.

“The ability to balance multiple needs —such as efficiency, cost, service, contractual requirements, and responsiveness —is a must in supply chain planning.”

 – Eric Thompson, Research Director, IDC –

The TLF team is now keen to share insights from the IDC Spotlight Paper titled “How Do You Know If You Have a Good Supply Chain Plan?”. Insights include:

  • Navigating the intricate layers of end-to-end operations and integration
  • Recognizing the power of internal collaboration
  • Strategically aligning planning processes with cutting-edge technical blueprints

What else to expect from the Spotlight Paper

For value-driven organizations seeking supply-chain planning improvements, end-to-end planning is now expected to be transformative – and that can be a big ask. Indeed, the IDC Spotlight highlights the complexities of achieving accuracy, integration, predictiveness, and responsiveness targets, given recent and ongoing challenges in the global business landscape. But the paper also offers readers valuable and actionable insights around advanced planning and analytics, data integration, business implementation, and user training and support.

Offering customers end-to-end support and a comprehensive suite of post-go-live service options, The Logic Factory is a full-service supply chain consultancy. Our team of highly qualified, widely experienced consultants work in close partnership with customers to create perfectly-aligned, configurable solutions to solve the most complex planning challenges and deliver long-term value.

Follow our LinkedIn page to access this must-read planning resource as soon as it’s released on 25 October 2023. You’ll also find a raft of additional supply chain planning support there.

IDC Technology Spotlight Paper, Sponsored by The Logic Factory, How Do You Know If You Have a Good Supply Chain Plan? #US51020523, July 2023