Faces of TLF - Jess

Meet Jess, an Industry Process Consultant and part of our Business Value team, working out of our office in the US.

Introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do within TLF?
Hi! I’m Jess, a level 3 Industry Process Consultant at TLF. I’ve been working here since 2017 and spend most of my time helping customers solve problems, specifically in logistics and manufacturing.

What do you like about your particular role?
I love solving problems! I studied chemical engineering in college, so the focus of my work has always been finding solutions, in one way or another. I also enjoy all the opportunities to collaborate, both internally and with our customers. It is awesome to see how great minds can work together to come up with creative solutions.

What’s your favorite part about working for TLF overall, please explain.
With a fast pace of growth throughout the years, there have been many changes, but something that has stayed constant is our company culture, and the willingness of TLF employees to help one another succeed – across roles, projects, and even time zones.

Who are you outside of TLF? Family/ friends, etc. How would they describe you?
I live in the city with my boyfriend and our two cats, with the rest of my family living 30 minutes to 1.5 hours away. My friends and family would describe me as passionate (or maybe stubborn :D), particularly about the things I care about most.

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
I love spending time in the city, going on long walks to explore new neighborhoods, and exploring new cuisines, arts, and culture. For that reason, I also love traveling to new cities and countries. While at home, I enjoy reading a good book while spending time with my cats or spending an afternoon cooking or baking something new.

Any fun hidden talent or skillsets?
I am an expert at spotting cute dogs from a mile away!

A message to all?
Don’t miss the forest for the trees.