Faces of TLF - Prasat

Meet Prasat, one of our newest NL based Technical Consultants.

Introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do within TLF?
Hi, I am Prasat Mathawan and working as Technical Consultant in the TLF Netherlands.

I’ve recently joined the TLF family in December 2019; moving from Malaysia to The Netherlands.

Prior to TLF, I worked for Dassault Systemes and Quintiq for more than 9 years. I have quite a bit of experience in Quintiq products but I also believe there is always new things to learn. Previously, I worked as a Developer and Project Manager in image processing technology during my working tenure in Malaysia.

What do you like about your particular role?
There is a lot of responsibility being a Technical Consultant. It needs an eagle view in every aspect on the technical side of the project. The best part is that you gain a lot of new information each and every day. There is also opportunities to give advice/suggestions not only on Quintiq product implementation but also improvement on the customer’s technical environment. Overall, the role allows you to gain more knowledge over time.

What’s your favorite part about working for TLF overall, please explain.
I always put people in first place. Everyone at TLF is so welcoming and you feel a part of their family.

I can easily engage with everyone and reach them for any clarification. I also enjoy the lunch talks together about different topics. You feel more integrated because every opinion counts in the organization.

Who are you outside of TLF? Family/ friends, etc. How would they describe you?
Generally, I am quite an easy-going person. I am bit laid back since it is still new for me in the Netherlands. I also believe that I can easily adapt to any environment. I have parents, a brother-in-law, a sister and my sister’s kids (whom I very much fond of) living back in Malaysia.

I do have a big circle of friends in Malaysia and would love to expand that all over the world. I am assuming that my friends would say that I am easy-going, funny, adventurous, trustworthy and sometimes crazy but to be honest I’ve never asked my friends to describe me. 😊

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?
I love to travel, not for the buildings and history but because of the people, food and events. I also do enjoy waterfalls and beaches. I am a great fan of football/soccer and Manchester United. I’m always up for anything related to football, either a match, video game or events. I do enjoy other sports like badminton and sepak-takraw. Currently, I enjoy cooking (amateur), watching movies online and cycling (after all I am in Netherlands and it is easy😊).

Any fun hidden talent or skillsets?
I used to play futsal and soccer in social tournaments back in Malaysia, but that has reduced 2 years back.

As mentioned earlier, I can adapt easily in any environment and also easily engage with people.
Recently, I realized I can cook some pretty decent amateur food.

A message to all?
An apple a day only keeps the doctor away for yourself. Self-believe and smiling everyday will keep doctor away not only for you but also people surrounding you unless you love the doctor 😉. So believe in yourself and keep smiling. 😊