In retail, finding the optimal balance between customer experience and operational costs is an ongoing challenge. With increasing supply chain disruption and a growing focus on sustainability, the need for visibility and agility are key to getting the right products to the right place at the right time as efficiently as possible. The more complex your supply chain, the more critical optimization becomes, especially in the retail industry where profit margins are thin.

Retail logistics planning is demanding as it involves complex operations that span from suppliers to distribution centers to stores and home delivery. But difficult does not mean impossible. The goal is to create an efficient supply chain that is fast, resilient, and more sustainable so you can increase on-time delivery performance, and reduce mileage and transport-related costs while keeping service at a maximum.

Today’s margins and scarce resources mean that no one can afford supply chain planning technology to be fragmented. Profit margins risk being burned to compensate for siloed optimization, inefficient “handover” between stakeholders, lack of live synchronization between supply chain components (e.g transport/warehouse), and other challenges such as hidden cost buffers and wandering bottlenecks.

At TLF, we are focused on fully connecting and integrating your supply chain so that all stakeholders gain full transparency and have a single source of truth. With silos eliminated, you can ensure that your planning and operations teams work seamlessly and in synergy to drive efficiency, improve capacity utilization, and reduce operating costs. Disruptions will never go away, but we are dedicated to helping retailers minimize the impact as effectively and proactively as possible, allowing them to achieve the best customer service at the lowest cost to their business while protecting sustainability.

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