Considering the speed of innovation and disruption within the food industry, businesses that are capable of being agile in the face of supply chain challenges will gain a competitive edge. Now, more than ever, the food supply chain needs a level of transparency and efficiency to manage complexity effectively. The recent pandemic has exposed supply chain vulnerabilities and suddenly, the urgency of optimizing capacity planning has been greatly amplified. From raw material suppliers to production sites and plants, to distribution centers, an enterprise that can proactively evaluate alternative scenarios to identify the best plan in the face of disruptions will be able to stay ahead of the most critical challenges.

Our Intelligent Food Planning solution has been developed specifically for Food and Beverage manufacturers to enable effective management of the unique production challenges of this industry. Combining the industry expertise of The Logic Factory and the power of DELMIA Quintiq planning technology, Intelligent Food Planning can be easily configured to your specific business rules and constraints within Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP).

We recognize and understand the challenges from tactical and capacity planning to cost-effective operational scheduling. With successful experiences in implementing supply chain optimization solutions, we have proven that optimization technology adds significant value for our customers. From farm to fork, we have helped our customers improve efficiency and effectiveness by multiple percentage points.

To learn more about the benefits of intelligent planning and how we can help optimize your supply chain, read our whitepaper.

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