The Logic Factory’s new paper “A Recipe for Resiliency: Optimising Food Capacity Planning in Structurally Disrupted Times” shares industry-defining strategy on how to prevent failure in IT projects.

In times of a crisis, such as an economic downturn or a global health pandemic, enterprises have to navigate increased interdependencies and rising costs while meeting customer demands. In particular, the food supply chain system needs a level of transparency and efficiency that allows them to manage complexities in the system now more than ever.

Our new strategy paper addresses what those challenges look like, and the critical elements needed to ensure that your food supply chain doesn’t get disrupted by the inability to plan properly. Your production might be setup to run like clockwork, but it will inevitably be upended by challenges such as delays in the deliveries of key ingredients, a shortage of line workers, and “new normal” rules about hours of operation.

These challenges slow your production efficiency and cuts into your bottom line, but businesses can stay agile by leveraging capacity planning. An enterprise that is proactively running predictive scenarios across the entire network will be able to stay ahead of the most critical challenges in food supply chain—that is the real value provided by capacity planning technology, once you’ve found the right solution to implement for your business.

Getting the technical implementation of a capacity planning solution right is important of course, but equally critical, “softer” activity streams tend to receive less focus. Even with the right technology, a perfectly executed project will still struggle or even fail. In fact, 75% of IT projects tend to fail in the US, and according to Gartner, failure includes missed project goals, mismatched expectations, going over budget, and missed deadlines.

Read our latest white paper, and learn about:

  • The five critical challenges faced by the food supply chain
  • The three elements that will optimize intelligent capacity planning
  • How preventing struggles with implementation could help grow your bottom line by at least 10%

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