TLF Custom Memory Sizing Tool

The Logic Factory enhances the optimization power of DELMIA Quintiq by optimizing memory usage.

DELMIA Quintiq is known for it’s fast and efficient propagation and optimization that is possible through the efficient use of the server’s available internal memory. Optimizing the use of the internal memory can give your system performance a significant boost. The Logic Factory is here to help achieve your optimal usage.

In recent years, we’ve implemented memory usage improvements for various DELMIA Quintiq customers. Based on our experience, we have developed a Memory Sizing Tool to fast track these improvements.

The Memory Sizing Tool allows us to take a deep dive into exploring your usage, enabling identification of the biggest consumers in your application, as well as giving us the ability to forecast future usage more precisely.

With this better understanding gained from our Memory Sizing Tool, not only are we able to solve potential memory related issues but also prevent them from creeping up in the future. Sometimes more memory is simply needed, but it may also be that memory is being used unnecessarily. These insights help to us in creating a more stable and better performing application for our customers.

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