DELMIA Quintiq: Best Practices for Using It to Its Full Potential

The contemporary business environment is complex and challenging. Not only do you have to ensure that your supply chain operations are functional but also exceptional. Achieving your business goals and developing a competitive advantage hinge on this. That’s why you chose DELMIA Quintiq.

But it’s not just about choosing the right software; it is also about nurturing it. By diligently maintaining and updating your DELMIA Quintiq application, you not only ensure that it’s secure, compatible, and functions effectively, but you can also unlock both functional and technical benefits. The better the software performs, the smoother your operations run.

In an era where customer experience is critical for success, don’t you want your operations to be at their best? To experience the full benefits of your DELMIA Quintiq application, we recommend that you follow these best practices:

1. Watch out for changes to your software landscape

If changes are being made to your IT systems, there is a chance that your DELMIA Quintiq version is not compatible with the change. This is a risk you cannot take. It is critical that your operating systems and databases integrate and work well with your DELMIA Quintiq system and that it is fit for purpose.

Your organization may also want to make time-consuming and costly changes to its planning solution. In certain cases, that desired change could already feature in a newer version of the software, and by upgrading, you’ll have access to the new functionality.

2. Regularly evaluate the potential benefits of undertaking a DELMIA Quintiq upgrade

At least once a year, evaluate the potential benefits of a DELMIA Quintiq upgrade to avoid compatibility and security issues. In our fast-moving world, hackers constantly try to access valuable information from our systems. Ensuring your software is up to date helps to reduce that risk. Upgrading to the latest version of the DELMIA Quintiq software will ensure ongoing compatibility against a shifting IT landscape. An upgrade will also secure your system against the latest known vulnerabilities.

Planners using older versions of the DELMIA Quintiq software are:

  • Missing out on improved technical functionality
  • Nearing the end of support dates (after which R&D support will no longer be provided)
  • Facing a range of issues that affect security, login, and compatibility

Beyond the technical benefits of upgrading, you must also evaluate the potential functional benefits, for example, how will the upgrade impact the optimizer, and how will this result in improvements to your decision-making and scenario-building?

3. Make sure enhancement projects and upgrades are kept separate

While value from new functionality may be the goal when considering an upgrade, it is a best practice to first upgrade the technical elements of your system to achieve a ‘like-for-like’ environment before capitalizing on enhancements. Our experience has shown that combining enhancements and technical elements results in projects becoming both inefficient and expensive. It can become complicated when troubleshooting, for example, to distinguish between an enhancement issue and an upgrade issue.

How The Logic Factory Can Help

The Logic Factory (TLF) is an experienced DELMIA Quintiq partner. From major version 3 onwards, we’ve already upgraded numerous DELMIA Quintiq solutions. With our DELMIA Quintiq customer base growing significantly over the last few years, we anticipated increased demand for upgrades. To support this, we invested in a dedicated upgrade methodology – The Logic Upgrade – that allows us to optimally facilitate upgrades for DELMIA Quintiq customers, making the modernization of your DELMIA Quintiq solution a controlled process with milestones and deliverables to ensure:

We take the guesswork out of the upgrade process with our unique approach to testing and technical upgrades, combined with the expertise of highly experienced and certified DELMIA Quintiq resources.

If you are interested in finding out more about upgrading your DELMIA Quintiq solutions, contact us to see how to get to the next level.