Why Upgrade Your DELMIA Quintiq Solution?

When business operations are steady and consistent, it can be tempting not to prioritize software upgrades. But a recent survey of The Logic Factory (TLF)’s customers found that compatibility and security were the most commonly cited benefits of upgrading software. As you’ll know only too well, very few planners can afford to take risks in either of those areas!

To stay ahead of any potential issues and capitalize on your maintenance investment, it’s good practice to evaluate a DELMIA Quintiq upgrade once a year at the very least. Did you know, for example, that DELMIA Quintiq’s most recent software releases have additional capabilities and technical improvements that help provide a more sophisticated solution to unlock both business value and new opportunities?

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your DELMIA Quintiq Solution

To modernize the toolbox at your disposal, take advantage of the benefits of a DELMIA Quintiq upgrade, including:

1.Improved performance
    • Enhanced server and user interface (UI) performance allows for seamless integration into customer ecosystems and better compatibility with recent versions of the platform and database.
    • Results in a better user experience for your planners and improves their efficiency. It also increases optimizer iterations within a time period, leading to better results in less time.
2.Improved availability
    • The DELMIA Quintiq Dataset Store (DSS) and improved backup support result in significantly reduced startup times.
    • DELMIA Quintiq Planning solutions are essential for your organization’s operations (especially when used to solve operational planning challenges), so the solution needs to be ready to use at any time with downtime minimized. Business continuity is key.
3.Improved security
    • This is achieved by leveraging new standards in encryption and authentication.
    • Staying up to date with security mechanisms is required to address risks robustly. Security policies are becoming more demanding as cyber security risks are increasing. Standards like Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) allow leveraging external identity providers which support multi-factor authentication, and new versions of transport encryption provide stronger/better protection.
4.Improved compatibility
    • Seamless integration within your unique IT landscape and deployment of the latest operating systems can be achieved.
    • DELMIA Quintiq Planning solutions don’t work in isolation. They must be embedded in your evolving IT landscape, support new technologies and standards, and evolve with your IT landscape when more modern technologies are adopted.

Additional upgrade benefits can be unlocked through consultation with our support team, and these include:

  • Better optimization results, in shorter timescales, through distributed optimization
  • Better scalability through additional background and remote processing
  • The leveraging of more up-to-date integration technologies and standards
  • The provision of a web-based user experience through the new HTML-based web client

Perhaps we’ve convinced you of the benefits of upgrading your DELMIA Quintiq software. But are you still concerned that the process might prove challenging or time-consuming, or both? Please allow us to take a moment or two to reassure you.

How The Logic Factory Can Help

At The Logic Factory, we have a tried and tested, hassle-free approach to DELMIA Quintiq software upgrades: The Logic Upgrade. Our mission is to make life simpler for you. Our standardized and predefined upgrade process helps to do just that. Following a thorough evaluation of your specific business scenario, we’ll quickly provide you with a fixed price and a timescale to upgrade.

Why not take a look at TLF’s strong customer service experience scores and extensive customer references to be confident that your DELMIA Quintiq software upgrade is in expert hands?

Did you know that version 5.6 and earlier versions of the DELMIA Quintiq software are no longer officially supported? By taking advantage of The Logic Upgrade from TLF, you can be sure that your organization’s software will remain fit for purpose in the years to come.

So, whether your team would like to prioritize improvements in performance or scalability, security, or compatibility, get in touch with the TLF team today to discuss the operational benefits of a DELMIA Quintiq software upgrade.