Your Pit Crew for Continuous Peak Performance

Through consulting, optimization, and continuous services, we partner with you to drive lasting performance improvements in your planning.

We know how complex it is to optimize production, logistics, and resource planning. In an increasingly disrupted world, it’s vital that you have the right solution to gain the visibility and agility you need to operate efficiently across all planning horizons. And once you have the best planning solution in place to help run your business, it’s critical that you have the right support in place to ensure business continuity. Much like a Formula 1 race, you want the engine to perform at its best – for that, you need the best pit crew.

Our consultants work with you to design, implement, and support your solution with a full suite of services that align with your business to ensure it runs smoothly.

Your journey to planning excellence


Our team of seasoned specialists collaborates with you to identify areas of improvement in your supply chain planning. We implement solutions that meet your business needs, not the other way around.


Cut operational expenses and maximize your supply chain’s value through optimization. Regardless of industry or planning scope, we guide you to success.

Continuous Services

With our hosting, managed services, and dedicated support, ensure your planning solution remains robust and always accessible.

DELMIA Quintiq Consultancy

Ensure peak performance of your DELMIA Quintiq planning solution. Our experts will quickly identify and resolve issues, improve overall usability and performance, and futureproof your planning solution.

Partnering with TLF ensures


TLF consultants bring a wealth of expertise and experience across all planning horizons, spanning a diverse array of industries. You won’t have to worry about losing knowledge or skills if an in-house expert becomes unavailable.

Cost efficiency

With specialized resources often expensive and hard to come by, our vast experience offers both cost-effective and expert solutions. For example, we are proud to have the largest, most- experienced DELMIA Quintiq team outside of Dassault Systèmes.

High level of customer service

Delighting customers is paramount to us and is reflected in our strong Customer Service Excellence (CSE) scores. We’re committed to proactive service, clear communication, and adherence to agreed service standards.

What our customers say about our services

“There are few solutions that can really deal with the complexity of our planning. DELMIA Quintiq provided a perfect fit, but after more than 10 years, we really needed to upgrade to ensure it continues to provide the best decision support for our planners. The Logic Factory was the obvious choice due to the high level of expertise, but also their knowledge and ability to really understand our business.”

— Johan Cuijten

General Manager, KLG Europe Eersel bv