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Annually PostNL processes 8.8 billion addressed postal items (including 100 million parcels) and delivers to more than 88 million addresses in the Benelux, Germany, the UK and Italy. PostNLs main business is mail, parcels and e-commerce. The company also provides services in the area of data and document management, direct marketing and fulfilment. PostNL employs some 77.000 people. In 2010 the company generated a turnover of nearly 4.3 billion Euros.


Project 1: Planning of collections and deliveries on tactical and operational level

The tactical planning of the collection and delivery processes of mail at business clients, the delivery of packages at end customers, and collection of mail at the mailboxes in a tied time network. A combination of tactical route planning, dynamic route planning and operational route planning of subcontractors and vans with drivers are part of this solution. Within the operational planning solution also a closed loop process has been implemented to follow up the transport orders within the control room.

Project 2: Supply chain & resource planning

Routing of mail through the postal network, planning of first, second and third sorting of mail, capacity planning of sorting machines, line haul transport and workforce.

  1. Through the use of the advanced planning software of Quintiq in the planning of collections and deliveries, PostNL was able to decrease their operational costs by lowering the amounts of routes, drivers & vans needed. Moreover, PostNL was able to increase their customer service level, via proactive communication of the transport order status to their customers.
  2. Improve utilization of sorting centers & workforce.