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Henk Verweij
Functional Application Manager (FAM)


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV) was founded on 7 October 1919, making it the oldest operating airline in the world.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, KLM manages approximately 35,000 employees, 3,147 pilots, and a fleet of 168 planes (excluding subsidiaries). Operating scheduled passenger and cargo services to 160 destinations worldwide, KLM carries more than 34 million passengers and 621,000 tons of cargo every year.

It is a highly complex puzzle assigning pilots to the right plane. Balancing seniority, aircraft type, and vacations is an intricate process, especially given the many rules and regulations. It is vital that planning systems run smoothly as they handle planning on a massive scale while dealing with constantly shifting parameters.

Read the full story of how The Logic Factory works with KLM to help address urgent issues as soon as they arise. By providing actionable advice to mitigate potential problems, TLF also supports KLM in maximizing system continuity.

KLM: Royal Dutch Airlines

The oldest operating airline in the world, KLM manages 35,000 employees, over 3,000 pilots, and a fleet of 168 planes to 160 destinations worldwide.  


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