“In all the benchmarks, they showed an improvement of 5%. For us in logistics, a 5% increase in the plan’s quality is huge because the margins are not super high. Even in the dry goods market, our biggest area, we saw a 10% improvement in that benchmark.”

Linda Krielaart
Manager IT Projects & Development, Van den Bosch


Van den Bosch is the international logistics service provider with a different perspective on bulk. Where others see raw materials for food and chemicals, they see opportunities. Opportunities for improvement. For efficiency. For change. With customized services, innovation and critical insights from data evaluation, Van den Bosch delivers more than simply ‘transport’.

Managing more than 600 trucks, 1000 trailers, 5000 tanks and containers via an extensive intermodal network, Van den Bosch’s planning is among the most complex in the bulk container business. In 2016, the company replaced its legacy spreadsheet planning and other manual processes with DELMIA Quintiq’s Logistic Planner solution. By implementing an integrated solution that takes into account the complexities of its business, Van den Bosch were able to improve delivery performance and increase customer satisfaction levels.

In 2020, with the increased challenges of rising costs and continued importance of sustainability, Van den Bosch decided to take their planning to the next level. Read the full story of how The Logic Factory again worked with Van den Bosch to develop and implement an optimizer to further increase the quality of plans, improve efficiency, and extend planning horizons.

Van den Bosch 

With 13 branches across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Van den Bosch serves the global market. Transporting an annual volume of more than 2.7 million tonnes via an extensive intermodal network, Van den Bosch is in the top 10 of European bulk transporters.

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