The Logic Upgrade: Optimize Your DELMIA Quintiq for Tomorrow 

With support for DELMIA Quintiq version 5.6 and earlier running out at the end of this year, now is an excellent time to evaluate the benefits of an upgrade. Unsupported software carries multiple risks that range from security gaps to performance issues that, left unchecked, can lead to massive losses in time and money. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure your organization’s software remains fit for purpose for many years to come.

A recent survey of The Logic Factory (TLF’s) customers found that the most commonly cited benefits of upgrading software were compatibility and security. By upgrading, you ensure that your DELMIA Quintiq solution remains fully integrated with updated operating systems and database updates.

Upgrading your DELMIA Quintiq solutions can also open up opportunities. Improved technology can help to increase the business value of your system by extending the life of your software. DELMIA Quintiq Version 6, for example, has better optimization technology, including performance improvement features in parallel optimization architectures. The improved parallel propagation technique can improve the performance of nearly any DELMIA Quintiq solution.

When operating systems and databases are upgraded, it’s important to ensure that all integrated software is both compatible and secure. The Logic Upgrade from TLF is a tried and tested, hassle-free approach. An experienced DELMIA Quintiq partner, TLF has upgraded numerous DELMIA Quintiq solutions over the last decade. Investment in The Logic Upgrade – a dedicated methodology – enables the TLF team to optimally facilitate upgrades for a rapidly growing DELMIA Quintiq customer base.

The Logic Upgrade’s 4-Step Process Includes:

STEP 1 – Landscape Assessment

The Logic Upgrade starts with an in-depth assessment to obtain a solid understanding of the current/proposed systems architecture. Target DELMIA Quintiq versions are then evaluated against the compatibility matrix.

STEP 2 – Test Upgrade and Proposal

Once the assessment is complete, TLF provides a timeline for the completion of the test upgrade and schedules a date to present an upgrade proposal, including:

  • Recommendations on the version of the upgrade
  • Recommendations on the technical upgrade
  • Details of the planned roll-out
  • A fixed price for the upgrade

STEP 3 – Technical Upgrade

An initial objective of any DELMIA Quintiq upgrade is to make sure your organization’s system works as well on the new version as it does on the current one. Follow-up projects can then be scoped out and developed to further enhance the new software features. The technical upgrade is executed in four distinct phases:

  1. Preparation
    • Depending on the gap between the current DELMIA Quintiq version and the target DELMIA Quintiq version, the upgrade can consist of multiple steps. This means that an upgrade path needs to be defined, taking into account the dependencies and compatibility requirements of the underlying operating system and database. This upgrade path will guarantee a reliable migration of business logic, data, knowledge, and user settings based on steps that are proven/recommended by Dassault Systèmes
    • Model intake to ensure an up-to-date starting point for the model upgrade (including hotfixes, latest data, knowledge, and settings).
    • Impact assessment:
      • Model is loaded using new DELMIA Quintiq versions to get an overview of adjustments to be made/errors and warnings to be addressed.
      • Investigation into any changes that affect other systems in the IT landscape. For example, interfaces that can be affected by deprecated security mechanisms will require an alternative.
  2. Migration
    • Based on the upgrade path, our software experts make the necessary adjustments to the model to address all issues identified in the impact assessment.
    • This results in a set of models that enable customers to move to the target version and do all the necessary migrations with respect to data, knowledge, and user settings.
    • We leverage our knowledge of resolving the types of issues that are encountered when migrating between two specific DELMIA Quintiq versions.
  3. Regression testing
    • We ensure the upgraded solution demonstrates the desired behavior, both from a functional standpoint in terms of planning behavior as well as from an an integration perspective. This entails Upgrading the test environments
    • Setting up monitoring and debugging tools, ensuring that everything works as expected, and solving problems (including for aspects not visible to the end-user).
    • Execution of test cases.
    • This validation is first done internally (by TLF) and then by the customer.
  4. Installation and roll-out
    • The final goal is to execute all steps of the upgrade path in all scenarios of the production environment (with minimal downtime and avoiding or preparing for unpleasant surprises).
    • Dry runs of the respective upgrade steps will:
      • Avoid unexpected issues in production which result in unnecessary downtime. The upgrade will be rehearsed- several times – based on the latest data, knowledge, and settings from production.
      • Give realistic indication of the duration of the maintenance window that is needed to perform the upgrade.
    • We will also define recovery points and actions to make sure that a rollback is possible in case something does go wrong.

STEP 4 – Value Scan

After completing the technical upgrade, the focus can shift to any brand-new features and functions that are included in the upgraded DELMIA Quintiq software version.

Experts from TLF will carry out a value scan to review your configuration and the new features available before drawing up a candidate list of capabilities and expected benefits. This list can then be evaluated alongside any enhancement feature requests to prioritize value against cost. Once these have been agreed upon, one or more releases can be proposed to minimize the time to value for the new features.

Keep One Step Ahead of Any Potential Software Issues

Get in touch to discuss an evaluation of your DELMIA Quintiq upgrade. The most recent software releases have additional capabilities and technical improvements to provide a more sophisticated solution that will help unlock business value. Whether you are looking for improvements in performance, scalability, security, or compatibility, modernize your toolbox and improve the quality of your planning.

Take note of the best practices that will allow you to utilize DELMIA Quintiq to its fullest potential. It’s not just about software maintenance but also nurturing your systems to ensure they’re constantly providing returns on your investment.

Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Your organization’s DELMIA Quintiq software upgrade is in the safest of hands. Just take a look at TLF’s comprehensive references and customer service experiences.