“By enabling the use of the raw material planning function as it was originally intended, Herbalife has been able to more closely abide by first expiry, first out methodology. This has allowed us to reduce the amount of the material waste due to expired products, drastically lowering our costs and wasted materials.”

Natalia Perez-Espinosa


Herbalife is a global corporation founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. It operates in 94 countries and employs an estimated 8,900 people worldwide. The company specializes in developing and selling dietary supplements, with a focus on nutrition and weight management. Additionally, Herbalife has its own line of dietary and vitamin supplements.

In collaboration with Herbalife, The Logic Factory was tasked with bringing Herbalife’s DELMIA Quintiq scheduler application fully online and operational. This planning solution encompasses the entire production process, starting from raw material usage and allocation and extending to detailed scheduling. The ultimate objective is to incorporate capacity planning and long-term planning to optimize operations.

To enhance the efficiency and usability of the system, several key improvements were implemented. Initially, specific calculations for raw material planning were reconfigured, resulting in significant reductions in processing times. This enabled the planners to effectively utilize the system and streamline their workflows. Building upon this success, further enhancements were introduced to provide Herbalife with increased flexibility in creating and modifying the production schedule. These enhancements allow for greater accuracy, as well as the ability to accommodate delays and disruptions that may arise.

Through its network of approximately 4.5 million independent distributors and members, Herbalife continues to expand its reach and impact in the global market. With a strong emphasis on nutrition and wellness, Herbalife remains dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals worldwide.

Webinar - The Herbalife Story

Watch this webinar to hear Herbalife’s Natalia Perez-Espinosa, Senior Director of Technology and Transformation; together with Roel van den Broek, Chief Revenue Officer, The Logic Factory, and Adrian Wood, Strategic Business Development & Marketing Director, Dassault Systèmes as they share about how combining best-in-class technology with the right internal teams and strong collaboration with The Logic Factory helped them unlock the value sought from their planning solution, reduced material wastage, and drastically lowered their costs. 

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