KLG Europe

Borderless logistics


KLG Europe offers the full range of logistics services, with a focus on groupage services in Europe.

The company has offices in the Netherlands, Romania, United Kingdom, Turkey and China; and long-term partnerships with networks such as ASTRE, 24Plus and WCA. This enables KLG to offer a wide range of services in Western Europe, former CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, and China.

KLG Europe offers a complete package of logistics activities, mainly focusing on groupage services in Europe. They are the market leader in groupage transport between the Netherlands and France.  


Quintiq supports KLG Europe in all of its day-to-day transport operations while meeting the strict rules and regulations that govern their business. Three different planning departments (export, import & Benelux) work together on one Quintiq system in a collaborative environment. A modification processed by a planner is immediately seen by the other planners and departments involved in the planning process. In this way, the planners have access to real-time information on orders, rides, and the use of drivers at any given moment.

Quintiq software takes account of all the issues important to our planning activities. As a result, we can streamline our activities, make them efficient, and save money in the process. This isn’t only good for us, but saves our customers money too.

Ad KuijkenCEO KLG Europe