Applus RTD

NDT, inspection and certification


Applus RTD Group is an international company specialized in nondestructive testing and Inspections, both standard and tailor-made. The company provides a wide range of NDT services and Inspections stretching from specialized pipeline testing, on-stream monitoring and scanning, detail inspection, data management through to Integrity Management. In addition, Applus RTD offers a number of specialized services in the area of probe production, radiation protection, and training. The company also has branches in Germany, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Canada, the United States, Australia and Nigeria.

  1. Applus RTD is able to get the most out of the utilization of its employees with Quintiq. This diverse group of employees includes local employees, permanent employees on international projects and a large group of subcontractors.
  2. The new Quintiq planning system keeps track of a number of factors such as employee certification, specific client needs, required material, government regulations/legislation on the use of radiation technology and working time regulations.


Applus RTD is better equipped to respond to planning disruptions thanks to Quintiq’s decision support capabilities and real-time planning environment. With Quintiq, Applus RTD freed up 20% of its equipment capacity, allowing a planned investment in new equipment to be postponed.

Applus RTD has gone operational with an updated and migrated FORWARDRTD for planning their resources (personnel & equipment) on the jobs to make sure that the right person with the right skills and the right equipment is available to do the job. With the upgraded Quintiq application Applus RTD is ready for future projects to improve performance and effectivity. The project is the first joint success between Applus RTD and The Logic Factory.

The Logic Factory proved their worth with their extended Quintiq & business knowledge and they were very involved to make this a joint success.

Nick HoffmeisterManager Project Applus RTD