Heavy transport vessels


Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provider. They offer a unique combination of experts, vessels and activities. With their origins in the Netherlands, they have been operating for over 100 years. Today they create new horizons for their stakeholders in the ports, offshore energy, maritime and inland infrastructure markets.

Boskalis subsidiary Dockwise operates the largest fleet of specialized semi-submersible heavy transport vessels (SSHTVs) in the world. An HTV is a specialized vessel used in a number of specific offshore roles such as the transport of offshore drilling rigs, oil production platforms, floating production, storage and offloading units (FPSOs) and other exceptionally heavy cargoes.

  1. The voyage calculation function calculates cost and margins for different combinations of vessels and routes. Voyage calculation can be “tuned” (setting the actuals) by changing vessel speed, adding distance deviations, adding duration deviations, and/or changing/adding costs.
  2. Calculations from the voyage calculation are input for the voyage planning. The planner can assign a calculation for an opportunity to a vessel. The plan board shows the voyages planned per vessel with related activities for mobilization, loading, sailing, and unloading. Besides the voyage the complete loading window is shown in which the loading of the voyage should take place.  Empty spaces in the plan can also be filled with idle time activities, potentially including speculative moves. Maintenance planning and superintendent planning are also taken into account in the voyage planning.


By better scheduling and calculation the profitability and utilization of the fleet has improved substantially. While utilization measures current usage of capacity in a given schedule, flexibility is maintained so the possibilities of making extra revenue with unforeseen opportunities, given the current schedule and the remaining gaps in the schedule is retained.