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Laundry must not only be clean, but just as important: be on time at the right place. Effective logistic processes are crucial for the proper processing of your laundry. CleanLease has specialised in integrated textile services since 1987. Some 2,000 employees provide textile logistics services for the healthcare and hospitality sectors from 18 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.


The rollout of The Logic Transport has resulted in a clearer overview of CleanLease’s order and resource management. It has also brought about a clear improvement in the day-to-day transport operations. This is explained in part by the mobile driver app, that is supplied as standard with the TMS, which communicates the current location of the drivers and the planning progress in real time. The planner can use this information to respond and take action in the event of problems arising. These improvements have also made it possible for CleanLease to offer its customers even higher service levels. 

The Logic Transport of The Logic Factory is a complete TMS for administration, planning and operations. The standard integration of a mobile app means that the system is always in direct contact with the drivers. The Logic Transport also features extensive integration with geo-information: maps, distances, locations and driving times are available online in the system, which enables CleanLease to produce the best plans to meet its customers’ requirements. 

The systems' many functionalities make it possible for us to manage all transport, from creating the client account to delivery. We are also guaranteed the latest technology because The Logic Factory delivers the TMS via an SaaS model.

Peter HilbersChief Operations Officer CleanLease