Goodbye to the on-board computer!

The on-board computer in lorries has had its day. The emergence of advanced driver apps has done away with the need for a built-in device for route planning and administration. These apps run on smartphones and tablets and provide countless new functionalities.

A driver app on the smartphone has big advantages compared to on-board computers, including lower purchase costs, a handier format and a reduced risk of break-ins. And their use is not limited to reading out orders, routes and basic administrative records.

Healthy ROI
To start with, there’s the lower cost of the app. A healthy return on investment (ROI) will no doubt be important to you. A computer that you install in the cabin will cost at least three to four times what you’d pay for a smartphone, and the handhelds that have been available on the transport market for about ten years will cost more than twice as much. A smartphone with the app can be bought for as little as € 300.-

You will save money even if you replace the smartphone half-way through the life cycle of an on-board computer or handheld. An added advantage is that the risk of break-in and theft is sharply reduced if a smartphone-app is used. The replacement costs and insurance premiums can therefore be reduced.

Handy applications
There are even more advantages to the driver having the app with him everywhere and at all times. In combination with a smartphone or tablet he can use the application to read near field communication (NFC) or QR codes on goods. When delivering the shipment the recipient can place his signature in the app. If packages are damaged during transport, the driver uses the app to send photos for the insurance claim. Try doing that with an on-board computer! The app can also be used to photograph documents presented with shipments, such as CMRs.

The Logic Factory offers a comprehensive driver’s app for various platforms. In the same way as with on-board computers, the app is connected to the back-end of your company’s transport management system. That means that the driver always has access to current information about delivery runs, routes, customers and administration. The company is also informed of the progress of the shipments, the precise location of the lorry and other details. The driver can use the app to send feedback and read the customer’s responses.

Easy configuration
It is possible to configure numerous generic and specific settings with the central management system. That makes it possible for you to programme which local and international numbers he can use the smartphone to call. And how often the app contacts the back-end of the system after crossing the border.

It is only a question of time before the on-board computer disappears from the lorry cabin. All transport companies will ultimately switch to a driver’s app similar to that offered by The Logic Factory. The smartphones with apps are not only cheaper and more convenient than built-in computers: they also provide many more options. That means that they serve not just the company and the drivers, but their customers too.

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