The Logic Factory enters the ScanCoveryTrial for The Logic Charity/VSSM

Two teams from The Logic Factory enter the Scancovery Trial, a 7000 km. tour through Scandinavia under harsh circumstances: snow, ice and temperatures well below minus 45 degrees Celsius. The ScanCoveryTrial will take place from January 6 until January 15 2017.

The ScanCoveryTrial is not a rally. Speed and race are not the goals, it’s a tour where the navigation, puzzling around Scandinavia and gather funds for several charity organizations are the main goals. As one of The Logic Factory offices is located in India, The Logic Charity has chosen to support Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch. This organization has the mission to give social identity, citizens’ rights, education, health facilities, housing and livelihood options to the various communities of Nomadic and De-Notified Tribes in Gujarat, India.

The Logic Factory will participate in the ScanCoveryTrial with two teams:

  • The Logic Factory 1: A Hyundai Santa Fé V6, manned by Eric Lambregts & Anthony van Ganzewinkel
  • The Logic Factory 2: A Volvo XC70, manned by Robert de Laat & Roel van den Broek

November 19th 2016 there was a qualifying tour that was about ‘solving the puzzle’. There were 110 teams present at the start of this qualifying tour. The Logic Factory 2 (Robert de Laat & Roel van den Broek) won this tour so Team 2 will start from ‘pole position’ on January 6th!


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