The Logic Factory moves to a new office in Ahmedabad, India

Due to the growth of The Logic Factory in India we needed to move to a new office. Our new office in the Shapath V building offers a wide range of advantages to our employees, our customers and the environment.

The 70 meter high building is not only one of the highest buildings in Ahmedabad, the 19 storey builing has been constructed using green building norms and it has 100 solar panels over its top and has it’s own sewage treatment plant.

Desides some major companies, like Samsung and Hyundai, the Shapath V building als houses the Crowne Plaza hotel, which makes a visit to The Logic Factory India both comfortable and easy.

Als in The Netherlands The Logic Factory keeps growing, as this year already 4 new senior employees joined our company. Through this we are expanding our workforce, knowledge, skills and we enlarge the ability to serve our customers on all thinkable levels.

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