Reining Transport chooses The Logic Transport for delivery run administration

The three locations, 325 lorries and ± 50 subcontractors of Reining Transport will be carrying out their delivery run administration using the transport management system The Logic Transport. The international transport company recently concluded a contract for this with IT service provider The Logic Factory, the system’s designer and with whom they will further develop the system.

The transport management system covers all of the logistic administrative requirements of a logistics company as Reining. Price agreements, order- and trip administration and all communication is managed by the transport management system of The Logic Factory.

According to managing director Gerrit Hes of Reining Transport, his company has much to gain from choosing The Logic Transport. ‘The new system will enable us to book orders more easily and with the right rates. That leads to an efficiency improvement on our back office operations. Also, we will be able to see important indicators in real time rather having to wait for a week.’

Hes chose The Logic Factory following a comprehensive exploration of the market. ‘It is a professional team that understands the sector. They understand our processes and our requirements with respect to integration with Quintiq. They also understand that our procedures are different from those of many other transport companies. We regard lorries as a production unit and are therefore interested mainly in insights into the contribution to the unit of time rather than per delivery run. The fact that The Logic Factory is able to deliver the whole package as an integrated system to our locations in Groningen, Hungary and Germany was the deciding factor for us.’

‘Our transport management system is ideal for companies like Reining Transport’, explains managing director Robert de Laat of The Logic Factory. ‘It offers optimum and real time information about the activities, delivery runs and administration. Additionally, The Logic Transport easily interfaces with the Quintiq tools. Our team is pleased to give organisations a helping hand with this.’

The rollout of the transport management system at Reining Transport is due to be completed before the summer. This will clear the way to update the planning tool Quintiq and all of the on-board computers, which is scheduled for 2016. The Logic Factory is also involved in this.

About Reining Transport
Reining Transport is a large international transport company with its head office in Kolham in the Dutch province of Groningen and is also located in Hungary and Germany. The company employs about five hundred people and has a fleet of 325 lorries.

About The Logic Transport
The Logic Transport is the transport management system of IT service provider The Logic Factory in Den Bosch. The system provides valuable functionality for logistics companies, such as order management, invoicing, subcontractor management, time records and management information. The software communicates easily with commonly used external systems, such as those for planning, bookkeeping and personnel. The system can also be extended with customer-specific modules. It runs entirely in the cloud, but can also be locally installed.

About The Logic Factory
IT service provider The Logic Factory develops advanced state-of-the-art software solutions for markets including logistics. As well as developing its own software products such as The Logic Transport (TMS) and The Logic Mobile (Apps) The Logic Factory is also an Alliance partner of Quintiq. The Logic Factory has its headquarters in Den Bosch and its own development centre in Ahmedabad (India).

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